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Tired of being angry? There are effective methods to change that

Anger, outbursts, rage, or getting angry serve several purposes. However, when it becomes excessive or disproportionate, there is something underlying that triggers it. It can ruin relationships but also lead to negative effects in many other contexts. There are effective methods to change that. What freedom it brings. You gain control over yourself and your emotions. You will be in control!

My clients have already received tremendous assistance.

  • They have gained greater self-confidence and more realistic expectations of themselves without anger

  • A enjoyable sense of inner calmness

  • Been able to relax while still being efficient without the same inner stress

  • More confidence in public speaking or during meetings

  • Discovered inner abilities that were suppressed by anger and can now finally be utilized

  • Having more fun, enjoying life more

  • Family and friends have experienced more joy together and dared to relax.

There are only wonderful benefits!

Reduce your anger - with my methods, its effective and easier than you think.

Effective methods to decrease anger actually exist - it's easier than you think.


With the help of my various techniques in hypnotic therapy, I have already assisted many in managing their anger in a more constructive manner for themselves and their surroundings.

The result has been a tremendous difference, with both a sense of relief and an ability to handle different situations more constructively without losing control.


At the same time, the healthy form of anger remains - the one that allows us to say stop when needed.

For more tips, also see my advice on how to dare to say no - decisively and kindly in my blog.)

Read more about anger on my blog here.

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