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Trauma or PTSD can be helped

If you have experienced a severe trauma, it can be changed using tools in hypnotherapy. The method is adapted differently depending on the individual and their age and trauma. Within hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the person should preferably be over 18 years old. Otherwise, I am willing to consult with a healthcare team to serve as an alternative supportive function Since many can develop PTSD from a traumatic experience, we proceed carefully, building a sense of calm, including positive suggestions to your subconscious, and you will receive various tools to use to alleviate negative emotions. Sessions of 1.5 hours are preferred. After several sessions, things usually begin to ease gradually, and positive future possibilities start to feel more attainable.

How is PSTD usually classified?

It can be a severe operation (physical trauma), childbirth, divorce, accident, experiences in childhood or adulthood. It can also include more severe traumas from work and home/family. Some work in professions where they encounter emotional events and traumas that are distressing. Threats, a loved one being victimized, serious illness or injury, violence, and the death of loved ones, etc.

My method focuses on strengthening those who have experienced trauma and are stuck in it. Once strengthened, they can calmly and safely change the trauma (if appropriate). And not only that, by showing your subconsious other ways of dealing with trauma, you can get more control over your emotions. Regarding postpartum depression, it has been incredibly rewarding to facilitate change. This allows for a different connection with one's child, fostering strong bonds without guilt or other heavy emotions.

In some professions, individuals are exposed to sights they wish they hadn't seen. This too can be changed for a calmer acceptance, shifting the focus to what can be done.

Note: By law, I cannot treat suicidal behaviors and respectfully refer such cases to healthcare services. (If it's an ongoing trauma from home, I am legally obligated to report any illegalities.)

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Trauma can be minimized



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