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Camilla is a Hypnotherapist and Mind-trainer, located in southern Sweden, Scandinavia.

Camilla is educated in various different aspects of hypnosis such as: 
clinical hypnosis, hypnotherapy, regression work, parts-therapy training, the Swan model, grief counselling, inner child work, soul centered healing and Anusha.

With previous work as an high performance athletic trainer, she also engages in nutrition advice, visualization techniques, mindfulness and body training exercises.


Her work is always centered around the client, be it to provide guidance to find inner resources and power, or to heal wounds and emotions that limit or block.


Her work is based on an holistic, body, mind, soul approach with the goal of achieving balance and finding happiness through self healing.


Her clients ask for help with almost anything including allergies (cat, dogs, horses, certain foods), fears, social anxiety, performance issues, stress, mindfulness, phobias, sugar addiction, eczema, acne etc etc.


Camilla works with clients in Sweden, and extensively on an international basis.


Over time, her working methods have evolved and have proven to be extremely powerful for almost any issue.









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Certified Hypnotherapist,
Athletics trainer, Mental Trainer,
Relaxation Therapist,
Change coach,
Speciality Womens matters


Clinical hypnosis, Skottland

Sports hypnosis, NGH

Soul Centered Therapy, England

Ethics, laws and regulations within therapySwedish School of Ethical and Analytics Hypnosis National Guild of Hypnosis International School
Scandinavian Academy of Hypnosis

Other courses involving body and mind change

Mentoring by Psychologists

Athletics, children 7-10
Atheltics, youths 10-12
Atheltics, juniors 12-17

Athletics pre-hab
Athletics high-jump

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Make sure you have consulted the doctor for medical reasons first.

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