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Hypnosis questions and answers frågor


What does hypnosis feel like?


Hypnosis can feel like daydreaming, or just when you fall asleep, or it can feel exciting and focused!
Hypnosis is a faster way to experience a natural relaxed state which we visit every day. Very close to meditation.

However, your focus is shifted more into the present. Just like reading an exciting book or watching an exciting movie. 
Many actually wonder if they were in hypnosis because they only felt really relaxed.  

Will you "take control" of me when I am relaxed? 


No, not really. In fact, your focus will shift from the conscious to your, much more powerful, subconscious. So you are in control.  
Using your own focus, I will help you gain control over what you have asked me to help you with that can include; your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. Think of it as I show you different choices, as your personal mental trainer. 

Will my personality change? Will I still be me? 


The most amazing advantages of hypnosis is that you have the possibility to be a better version of yourself.

How YOU want to feel and react. It is a kind of self-help tool.
If you feel sad a bit, then it can help to feel happier. If you have anxiety, we can change it to feel better. 

So it is only positive changes that are added.


Will I remember the session?

One of the many advantages of the hypnotic state is that you will be more fully focused on the particular issue that we are working on, bringing clarity and understanding what was previously unattainable or felt just too hard.


Some of the issues will, after the session, be irrelevant and perhaps not of interest to think about anymore because you have changed and YOU prefer more interesting or positive thoughts or have chosen another path that is more in line with what you prefer.


I work softly and many don't realise the fantastic changes, but family members or work colleagues might be the first to notice. I work to help a natural process of the wonderful you that is hiding inside to feel free and finally come forward.

Will I tell you my secrets?


No, because you are in control. I don't even have to know much, basically only what you want to change. 


Can I get stuck in hypnosis?


When you are in a hypnotic state, you are not actually asleep. You are, however, often very comfortably relaxed and quite alert to everything that is going on.  

Imagine if you are reading a really good book, or watching a really interesting movie, or even relaxing so much you hear everything and you are alert, yet so comfy. Thats a bit how it feels. You are still aware. 


Can you "fix" me? and how fast?

Even though hypnotherapy is very efficient, it is not an instant magic wand. If you have struggled for years and years with an issue, naturally it might take a few times to change (depending on issue) it to your wishes. As you will notice once testing it, it is actually really effective. More so than many other therapies. 

The more you listen to my suggestions, and do the suggested helpful activities recommended, the more effective and quicker change.  

However, If I feel that your issue is not something that I can help relieve or improve with hypnotherapy, I will recommend you to a more suitable resource. ​I also follow the laws which means that I cannot assist in certain areas such as mental illness 

What is a block? 

A block is an inner resistance to change to the better. It is usually easy to manage in hypnosis.
One of the most common reason is that one doesn't feel one deserves to feel better whether it has been suggested as a child, teen or adult and the subconscious/brain has thought it to be true and steadily keeps and runs with that pattern. No matter what you consciously say, think or do. This is where hypnotherapy is an excellent method to change that. 

Can I book a hypnosis session just to feel what it is like?

Yes indeed you can, and why not take the time to do something you have always wanted, but in a comfortable safe and fun setting?  
It will help your body to relax and yet enjoy yourself which gives healthy positivity to your whole body. (Some even give this as a gift to others).
Some enjoy reliving a precious time in life, others to go on an imaginary vacation, that you can access later on too. Just let me know.

How long session is recommended?


The very first session takes longer as we have a discussion/intake about your preferences and needs before we can start to the change process. It might involve demonstrations and longer relaxation steps. Next time your body and subconscious knows what to expect and it will be a lot quicker.

Best value is to plan for a 2 hour session.

Sessions after that is normally 1,5 hours however those who really want to make the change faster, usually book 2 hours again.

For a touchup session, 1 hour is enough.

For children (+8 years old) 1 hour is enough and the session is conducted differently in a more playful and storytelling setting with parental consent form. In Sweden children from 12+ years with parental consent.

Prices hypnotherapy or the methods at CE-hypnosis


The cost is comparable to that of a private psychologist. A session typically lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours and has been found to be the most effective duration after years of experience. This length of time allows for the identification of patterns, automatic emotional or bodily responses, and the implementation of customized techniques tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.

For the first session in Allergies or Anxiety, some have noticed a relief using 3 hours the first session.
Generally Allergies need 2-3 sessions depending on how deep.

Due to currency fluctuations and other matters affecting the hourly rate, such as timezones, it is not stated here as it would be too much work to update daily/continuously. With booking request it will be set.

For more general information 

In my blog you will find a lot of helpful information and links depending on topic.

Here are som general info:



Pollenallergy totally gone

After many years of recurring pollen allergy symptoms, I decided to try hypnotherapy.


My symptoms were mainly in my eyes, and for several months every spring, I woke up with swollen, itchy, and runny eyes.


After visiting the amazing Camilla, my pollen problems are now a thing of the past.

It has been two seasons since I received help with my symptoms, and not once have I had any trouble with my eyes.


I recommend Camilla to everyone I know who needs help getting rid of their allergy.


Thank you Camilla for helping me!


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