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I will use various methods to suit your needs. 
All in your pace and comfort. 
Below you will find short descriptions of some of the most common methods.
Benefits from an "inside job" are quite amazing


Ready to finally
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Hypnotherapy / hypnosis is a short-cut to your amazing library containing all 
subconcious patterns and conclusions. This is where the magic happens!!!

That's why it is faster and more effective.


I show better options and patterns, according to your request and wishes. There is always a reason to why there is a symptom or reaction.

I use different working methods to obtain your goals while you relax in a comfortable place.

Many describe hypnosis as a state of focused attention. They feel very calm and relaxed.
And yes, you are in control!

Together, we are traveling on a personal unique journey that will help you move forward in life, dare to letting go of negative experiences and instead look forward in life allowing for opportunities to reach you. 
It is truly an inside job with amazing benefits.

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis is an effective method for changing unwanted behavior or certain symptoms.

If you could have accomplished this with your conscious mind, you would have already done it. That's why it's not always your fault that you struggle to change certain things.

But the good news is that you have the power to make changes, and that's where hypnotherapy can make an amazing difference. If you want an effective change, I can help you.


There's always a reason why there are symptoms or reactions. I can handle these, and part of the treatment is to show your subconscious more advantageous suggestions and patterns, according to your wishes.

So how would you like to feel instead?


I use various tools to help you reach your goals while you relax in a comfortable place. Many describe hypnosis as a state of focused attention. You feel very calm and relaxed. And yes, you are actually in control. Together, we make a unique journey that helps you release old burdens and negative experiences and instead feel better and find more opportunities and sources of joy.


Hypnotherapy works by helping you achieve a state of deep relaxation, making it easier to process negative thoughts and emotions. When you are in this state, you can more easily communicate with your subconscious and identify feelings and behaviors that may have caused your stress or anxiety or negative emotions. During hypnotherapy, I will guide you through a series of relaxation exercises and visual images to help you reach this state of deep relaxation. Once you are in this state, I can identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that may have caused your what you wish to change. I also provide positive messages and affirmations that can help you better manage what you sought help for. Hypnotherapy can also help you increase your self-awareness and self-confidence, which can help you address other problems in your life.

Allow yourself to feel good – Give yourself the opportunity to be the best version of yourself. 
Let's make a difference!


Common issues Hypnotherapy can assist in improving

Issues that are internationally known to be improved are;

Phobias, Smoking, IBS, fears, jealousy, insecurities, acne, stuttering, sleeping issues, allergies, eczema, rashes, stress, cluttering, OCD, PMS, headaches, immune system, weight, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, mental blocks, PSTD, fear of heights, fear of animals, night terrors, fear of death, grief, aid in hospital care, pain free births / hypnobirth, morning sickness, "getting over your ex", feeling lost, feeling unloved, anger, frustration, minimize pain, shock, schoolwork blocks, tests, stage fright etc.

Improving sports has also been very successful.
E.g Golf, Horse jumping, Athletics, football, soccer, swimming, etc 

It is always advised you seek hospital care to eliminate risk of serious illness. 


I am not licensed in the medical area therefore I do not provide medical advice.

For more information about hypnosis:


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Mental Training

  • What does Mental training mean?

  • What do you want to reach?

  • How is your outlook in life, negative or stressful?


By visualizing, training goal images, conduct and behavior, you can create many changes that alter how you react and act with tools I provide.

Through relaxation techniques I teach you to manage stress, how to change your thought patterns so that you change your focus to calm and effective instead of more stressed.

Sports - we do body teamwork in specific sports. ​(Horses, Golf and high jumping has been most sought after so far) and at times we find thought processes that block performance and once removed, you can access more power and knowledge from muscle memory from within. 

We install a "trigger" to help calm focused achievement under the precise moment of the sport. 
(You can detect this trigger on most high performing athletes by their gestures, signals just before the performance. Have a look and see if you notice)

Mental Training


Perhaps you have heard about mindfulness. Today, it is used and referred to the third wave of CBT and is used as a treatment method. It seems to boost overall well-being and mood. It is different from meditation as it uses your everyday life activities.

There are a few different takes on it, and I have chosen one I find very effective.

By teaching your brain to relax and be in the moment, to truly be present, it has shown immense helpful health benefits.
​From focus, to better memory and inner strength to lessen anxiety and depression and discovery of your own quite unique body. Because your body is your friend, not enemy. But you need to show it and help it ; )  

Mindfulness needs practice because your brain and body is so used to action and stress and thinking ahead or dwelling in the past and thus being stuck in a pattern.

A lot of children lack the present and it has shown great benefits when teaching children at school.

The goal of any mindfulness technique is to achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment. This can help you refocus on the present moment. 



I do guided meditation at request. It is helpful at many levels from finding an inner peace to even find solutions to a pending issue. 

It is also helpful in combination with hypnosis to be on a happy adventures to induce positive feelings and help the body and mind to repair.

It is helpful as an option to change "drug" adventures.

Some use it as a quick recovery especially if you are in a stressful place and you need to calm the system and get rest. It helps the brain and mind to sort things so that you can easily continue afterwards.


Suggestion Therapy

Also known as Relaxo Therapy

In a comfortable relaxed state, the subconscious is shown different alternatives to respond and manage scenarios to reach your goal.

It is common to take + 25 days for a pattern to change using only suggestion therapy.

The therapy is based on repetition and rehearsals hence a recording will be provided.

If there is no effect after a month, there is usually an underlying cause that needs to be adressed.
Which is great!  Because then we have that information, and can do something about it using hypnotherapy.  

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