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Client testimonials or leave comment

As so many do not know the benefits of hypnosis, the wonderful changes that can occur, please feel free to share what has helped you. 
If you work in a sensitive area or prefer to be private or need anonymity, you are naturally welcome to use initials or work title. 

Branch with Catkins

Pollen allergy can be changed

Pollen allergy gone with the wind! 

I just want to share my experience and express how incredibly grateful I am for choosing to try hypnotherapy with Camilla!


After suffering from pollen allergies for several years and trying a variety of treatments, including nasal spray, pills, cortisone, and allergy shots, I have finally found something that works.


As someone who works outdoors during the high pollen season, it has always been a huge challenge to manage my allergy symptoms. But thanks to Camilla and her method, I am now entering my third season completely free from pollen allergies. It's absolutely amazing!

Camilla is not only skilled in what she does, but also an incredibly warm and caring person. She took the time to understand my situation and tailored the treatment to my individual needs. I always felt well taken care of and secure during our sessions.


Her method has truly changed my life, and I cannot express how grateful I am for Camilla's help. If you suffer from pollen allergies and have tried everything else without finding something that works, I highly recommend trying Camilla's assistance. It can make a tremendous difference in your life, just as it did for me.

A thousand thanks, Camilla, for everything you have done!

Roger R

Jealousy and couldn't let get over my ex 

I was almost obsessed with my ex and had difficulty letting go of thoughts about what she was doing, who she was meeting, and everything else related to her. It was both embarrassing and extremely distressing, and it wasn't really me to feel this way. It negatively affected my well-being. I was recommended to see Camilla and get help because I couldn't handle it on my own.

Today, I feel free and I'm enjoying MY life. It was just one longer session, but what an enormous difference it made. It's difficult to describe the relief I feel. Even seeing my ex on the street doesn't affect me like before. Amazing!


It has been a crucial positive change, no doubt. Now I'm open to meeting someone new. That was something I couldn't do before.

A game changer for sure. And I can now be open to new relationships. 

If you feel something is ruling your life in a negative way, and you cannot truly move on, even if it feels embarrasing - do something about it, and get help from Camilla. She rocks! 

P Svensson

Sugar cravings and Coca-Cola addiction

I received help from Camilla to reduce my addiction to Coca-Cola and cut down on sugar.

I drank at least 1 liter per day and have tried to quit several times.


After getting help from Camilla, I was able to gradually reduce my consumption, and now I have no Coca-Cola addiction left! I can even enjoy a glass of water.


Both my body and wallet are happy. Thank you, dear Camilla

Your grateful neighbour


Overcoming unnecessary fear, addressing issues, and finding purpose in life

Hypnosis was a new and different experience for me. Camilla guided me very comfortably and calmly, and it was wonderful that I could access different situations directly.

I received answers to things I had been wondering about for a while. It was such a relief and so liberating.

I also addressed several issues that I had been working on for a long time, and it felt completely natural to end up in the right place.

One of these things was my fear that I had felt towards certain people. It was so unnecessary and draining, and it's truly amazing not to carry that baggage anymore.

Overall, I gained a better understanding of my life - why it is the way it is and what I can actually do about it. Thank you so much.


Covid anxiety

I started experiencing heavy anxiety during the COVID-19 quarantine. It was a feeling that, the more I thought about it, the worse it got. I decided to try Hypnotherapy with Camilla.

After just one deep session, I barely noticed the anxiety. It took a day and then it was almost completely gone.


We had a follow-up session as recommended because in certain situations I could still feel a slight bit of anxiety, but not much. ​ And now I feel like a new person.

I truly mean it, it works. Thank you, Camilla!

Julia F.


Stomach ache


It was in the beginning of the day. In fact, as I know now, it was the beginning of a new part in my life, really.


I have been to three doctors, who – fortunately – did not find anything wrong with me. When I have been to my masseur (who studied traditional chinese medicine), he told me it was an imbalance between liver and kidneys, which caused my bowel to cramp.

Immediately after my session with Camilla, I felt relieved and experienced lots of little changes and adjustments taking place in my body and my mind. I have rarely experienced such intimacy before, let alone Skype.

Camilla was so there, in the moment with me.


    Two days later, I am laying on the couch, where I just enjoyed a delicious pizza, which I would NOT have done before our session, due to my stomach pain.


    Now, I will happily continue my healthy lifestyle, knowing that I CAN take a sidestep, when I choose to.


I feel free, light and happy. Thank you.


Feel good with hypnoterhapy.jpg

Make you life count!

Change what is bothering you or holding you back.

Allergy to cats 

I have been allergic to cats for 6,5 years.

My eyes would swell and my nose was running. Breathing became harder. I did not know what it was.

I got this reaction two more times, before I understood it was because of cats. But it got worse. Just being in a room, where cats have been or having someone in my room who has been with cats would make it very hard to breathe. I tried autohaemotherapy with no measurable success.

After my session with Camilla, I felt thrilled, in a great way. I mean, I wasn't anxious about what would happen, but very curious. So I went to my best friends place, who has 2 cats. that I, never could visit all these years because of the cats – believe me, it is terrible!!!

I went to see him and his 2 cats and it was – so different. It felt like they had this new kind feeling towards me, and I felt confident and safe. So I sat down, playing with one of the cats, letting it walk around my back.

The most incredible feeling was, When it came up in my lap and I could put my face in the cat's fur!


Unbelievable. Epic. Unforgettable !!!!

I mean, seriously? This is basically a miracle in my life. No bright lights and glorious “Aahhhh” sounds involved, just my endless gratitude for Camilla..

F.C  Germany



Control issues and Panic attacks

I went to see Camilla at the beginning of the summer. Already after a few sessions, I could notice a huge difference.

We worked to reduce my anxiety caused by worry and a strong need for control. Fear of changes was one of my biggest problems. But today, I can say that it has become much better. It is easier for me to relinquish control to others and try new things. At the end of the summer, I went on my first trip abroad in 3 years, which I was able to do thanks to the help I received from Camilla.

After spending about 10 years seeing a psychologist, I felt it was time to try something new. That's when I turned to Camilla!


8 sessions with Camilla made more of a difference than 10 years with psychologists.


We effectively worked to remove the root of the anxiety. I felt relieved and happy after each visit, and have never felt as good as I do today!
I have Camilla to thank for that!

Ellen S

My PMS decreased drastically

I have suffered from both mood swings and pain and heavy bleeding, which unfortunately also affected my family. It was so bad that I could hardly go to work for the first 1-2 days. It was terrible!


After 3 sessions, the bleeding has decreased significantly and it is easier to manage. I no longer bleed through at night and I don't panic anymore when I have to go somewhere because the bleeding has decreased.

What a huge difference. It's amazing that hypnotherapy could help so much.

I chose to change my irritations to focus on cleaning that day. It was great! Effective and then it feels really good, so I can enjoy to relax afterwards.


I now have no problem going to work and have almost forgotten how difficult it was before. 

A big heartfelt THANK YOU!!!! Such an incredible difference.



Pollenallergy totally gone

After many years of recurring pollen allergy symptoms, I decided to try hypnotherapy.


My symptoms were mainly in my eyes, and for several months every spring, I woke up with swollen, itchy, and runny eyes.


After visiting the amazing Camilla, my pollen problems are now a thing of the past.

It has been two seasons since I received help with my symptoms, and not once have I had any trouble with my eyes.


I recommend Camilla to everyone I know who needs help getting rid of their allergy.


Thank you Camilla for helping me!


Fear of needles and
Problems with Math

During almost my entire school years, I have had a very hard time for mathematics. I barely think it is interesting and I just don't get it.


I also had a fear of the dentist and needles so I went to Camilla and got help.

Immediately after the first session when we were done, I felt like a new person. 

I strongly recommend Camilla.

Thank you!


Anna. P

Joint Pain
and Tinnitus

I had a few sessions with you 3-4 months ago due to joint pain and tinnitus.


I can actual say that I am almost free of the symptoms.

It didn’t change so much in the beginning but after a month I started to notice the difference.

It is så wonderful and I am very grateful.

Perhaps it can be of guidance to others, that some things take time to adjust. 


Stronger immunesystem

After suffering colds and flu’s every few months for a terrible few years I went and had a session with the lovely Camilla.

After just one session my immune system instantly improved and I haven’t suffered a sickness in over a year!

Its amazing! I truly appreciate her talents!


Fell in love with life again

I felt lost in my life, rootless and lacked confidence in myself.

I am also overweight, but it is a later issue - I prioritized the most important thing first.
After the 2nd session with the fantastic Camilla, I felt so calm, confident and utterly euphoric.
It felt like I could fly! (I couldn't do that, of course).

But something happened within me.

I feel safe, secure and happy -  wonderful feelings I promise - and my confidence in myself has increased.


After our first session, I thought I should reward myself of a big bag of candy. So that’s what I did. I squeezed in 3 pieces of candy, but with the 4th in my mouth, somehow, there was a just a stop!

I spit it out in the bag, and went and threw the bag in the trash can. The crave had just disappeared!

We had not even touched on my weight problems (being overweight), as we would address them later.

I am surprised, but already now I somehow tune in, and listen inward somehow. It feels so good!

So a big thank you Camilla, who with a gentle hand helped me here.
Don't hesitate to seek help, it can only get better. Camilla guides you calmly, warmly and professionally.

Hugs from AnnMagret - who fell in love with life again !!

Problems with sleeping away from home

I have had difficulties being away from home, ever since childhood, especially staying overnight.
When the evening came, it didn't matter matter who I was with, I always wanted to go home.

A few years ago I met Camilla and we adressed this issue during a session. 

Even though I cannot tell you exactly what changed,
I have not had any problems staying overnight after this. It is no longer an issue.

It is no longer moments of anxiety staying over somewhere else and it is SO nice!

You are met with a lot of warmth and care by Camilla. The meeting is relaxed and welcoming, and I can only thank her a thousand times over and over.

Felicia H.

Fears gone

Thanks to you, my fear has disappeared and I can now dare to ”let go”. I don’t exactly know what you did, but I feel a lot more stable, than I have ever done before.

I warmly recommend Camilla regardless of any problems. She is very knowledgeable and patient. 

A big thank you!


Problems visit the toilet

I met Camilla with my daughter in order to overcome her fear of pooping on toilet and in potty.
She got sad everyday and could only manage to do it in a diaper and tried to delay it. 
The day after our visit, she went by herself and told us when it was done. 
It worked and truly made a great difference!

Fredrik Sjö

Pain and depression

Found camilla and we had a quick chat. I thought about it for a while and decided…. Why not try hypnosis. 

I have recurrent depression and have eaten antidepressants for 14 years. But my idea was to do something about the depression instead of lifelong medication. I had a session yesterday!
I wasn’t scared, but curious and felt more like - finally!

Some old grudges came up that Camilla helped me change. Thanks! 

Today it is easier to breathe, it feels like I lost several more kilos of burden that I unwillingly dragged on since childhood. I'm not done yet, and I'm looking forward to another session with Camilla. She was right for me, it felt good and I was perfectly safe. 

And afterwards ... a little puzzled ... Usually every morning have pelvic pain. Get blocks there. But …… I have no pain in the pelvis at all.

It works!! Hugs!

Gun Z

Finally free from my Trauma 

I haven't really landed quite yet after the amazing hypnosis experience I had with you Camilla. If someone had told me before I came to you that I would release a person from my childhood who for many years made my life a senseless hell and which I have had scars from even in my adult life, I would laugh right out and protested completely wildly and angry. And yet this was exactly what happened under your skilled work. I can just barely grasp it. I have hated and abhorred that person all my life. Haven't even been able to take the person's name in my mouth. And now ... its gone and I feel this release. And it feels so nice, I feel lighter inside, like a heavy burden has disappeared in me.

I am the one who feels so much better.  

You worked in several areas during the extra long session using ´hypnotherapy ... weight loss ... psoriasis ... arthritis ... some blockages. I admire your approach. You brought me through different situations softly, carefully, and skilled.

I really feel such trust in your professional work Camilla, and I am extremely pleased and looking forward the next time I see you.
When I went home, I found myself feeling so light. Went to a big shoppingmall to shop and noticed that I was moving so easily. A funny yet such a nice feeling.


A simple thank you, feels inadequate in this context, But you should know my thank you comes straight and deeply from my heart. I am overwhelmed by what you already have done, with only session, and how much it has helped me Camilla. A Thousand thanks!!


Headache amazingly reduced

I have suffered from headaches for at least 35 years! Almost every day for as long as I can remember. It's especially difficult to wake up at night with a headache and not be able to lie down as it worsens if I lie down. Many nights and mornings (and days) have consisted of taking Treo (pain medication).
It has been impossible to stay in bed on weekends and sleep in, no matter how tired I am.

After visiting Camilla 4 times, my headaches have significantly been reduced. Now, I can even stay in bed in the mornings!

I can occasionally, maybe once a week, still feel a slight headache in the background but only during the daytime. No more severe headaches.
It's quite incredible what a difference!

I plan to go a few more times to see if we can reduce it even further. Whatever she does, it works.

I highly recommend her to everyone.


My difficult eczemas has gone!

Before I met Camilla, I was suffering from very difficult and severe rashes and eczemas (Perioral Dermatitis).

Even though skin specialists said there was no solution, I had to accept it, I was constantly plagued by redness that started around my mouth, then spreading and swelling in certain areas, with additional itching rashes in large areas of my face.

But surprisingly, after just one session with Camilla, all traces of my eczema disappeared. Now it's just a distant memory.

A big thank you to Camilla! You have no idea what difference it made.


Histaminintolerans minimized

I have suffered histaminintolerans and before I realised what it was, it was really scary. I had to go to the hospital or throw up directly from a glass of red wine. It was delirious, nausea, feeling like I was dying and my brain would not work.

A bee sting made me swell up so much it was crazy. It would not go down even if I waited several days in pain. I had to go to the hospital and get medication. 
By testing hypnosis (3 sessions) I can finally enjoy a glass of wine, or two, or more if I want to).  
Oh boy what a difference! 
It's so strange when a childhood incident has such an impact that my body and immunsystem totally got the wrong idea. 

I haven't been stung yet, that I know of and somehow I am calm around bees and bumble bees, and wasps. Just giving them space and respect.  

I do recommend Camilla. Her methods are calm and thorough, and even though it I don't understand how, it works.

Maria D

Severe inflamed skin and acne 

I had really severe acne during my teenage years. It was inflamed and with an intense redness, both on my face and a lot on my back and a bit on my chest. I was very ashamed and really did not want to swim during the summer, showing off my upper body.

Even though I took penicillin and showered a lot, plus used many creams, it didn't go so well. My self-confidence was not at its best.

After 2 sessions with Camilla, the inflammation itself calmed down and the swollen, intense red look changed in a completely different way. More like regular pimples and definitely more manageable. 

We took photos before and after 6 weeks so I could really see the difference.

The acne then gradually decreased and even though some scars remain, it cannot be compared to the swelling and inflammation of the skin I had.

I didn't think it would help, but the photos were really right on, proof.

Difficulties in connecting with my child

I have had a strange and embarrasing issue connecting with my child. Even if I try, I cannot find or feel the connection. It has been bothering me so much and I have felt like a terrible mother. Lot's of guilt and shame and I have never told anyone, not even my husband, except Camilla. 

After 2 sessions I cannot believe the difference! Honestly... it was magical. 

I truly enjoy the connection now with my child, our relationship somehow is blossoming and I really wished I had heard about Camilla before so that I could have saved precious time. 

Thank you so so very much. From us both. You made a huge difference. 


Sandy Beach
No more destructive relationships

About a year ago, I realized I had a habit of falling for girls who hade negative and destructive traits and weren't good for me. I was drawn to girls who made me feel bad in various ways, leading to highly destructive relationships.  

Living far from Skåne, Camilla and I had an extended session over the phone. After the session, I took a brief break from dating, and when I re-entered the dating scene, I noticed a significant change: I had developed a keen "red flag radar." I would instantly pick up and feel strongly when something wasn't quite right for me. It has made a huge difference!!!  I am now more attracted to positive girls with healthier attitudes.

As time passed and I forgot about our session and the help I received, I couldn't figure out why things felt so much better. Then, just the other day, I remembered our conversation and session, and it all clicked.

Thanks to that session and all that help, my life has genuinely transformed for the better.

Painfree at last

I truly want to share my amazing experience with Camilla, who has helped me overcome excruciating foot pain I have had for years. There were moments when it was so severe that it prevented me from wearing certain shoes or even walking in sandals, flip flops, or barefoot. What's even more astounding is that Camilla managed to make a dramatic difference in just two sessions.

On my vacation, I was finally able to walk barefoot or in flip-flops. Absolutely incredible.

I wholeheartedly recommend Camilla to anyone in need of help.

Thank you, Camilla, for so profoundly improving my life and giving me back my mobility and freedom!

R. Andersson

Changing unwanted reactions and even skinspots gone

I went to see Camilla to change some emotions and reactions I had that I felt was bothering and limiting me.
As she worked with me and went through her process, she was able to alter and remove layers of unwanted, old limiting behavior, and instead change and enhance to how I wanted to feel and be. I am still myself of course, but without the negative.

In one of our sessions I wanted to show her my skin issues to see if she could do something, som spots I have had for years, and to my surprise they were gone! What an awesome positive side-effect.

I highly recommend Camilla and her method to those who need assistance or want to change for the better and have feelings or reactions that are bothering them.

Helena R 

Sandy Beach
Do you have an experience to share?

Hypnosis is still somewhat unknown for people. By sharing your experience, it can truly help others.
It is easier to relate when you can read what could help. And what helped you. 
A big thank you in advance.

You cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. 

This is where I can help.
I can help you change that old pattern.

Sandy Beach

Life can be better

Testimonials ce-hypnosis

To leave a testimonials, please send it in the contact form below.

When you describe how I have helped you, others can see the difference it can make. 
And perhaps your testimonial is the one who helped someone else to take the step and dare to try and make a difference in their life.

So from me, a warm
 thank you for sharing your experience. 

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