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Meditation helps your body and brain - and you can use various methods. Meditation has been shown to have many benefits for health and well-being. There are different methods available.


I do guided meditation at request both in groups or in person. It is helpful at many levels from finding an inner peace to even find solutions to a pending issue. It is also helpful in combination with hypnosis to be on a happy adventures to induce positive feelings and help the body and mind to repair itself and is helpful as an option to change "drug" adventures.

Some use it as a quick recovery especially if you are in a stressful place and you need to calm the system and get rest. It helps the brain and mind to sort things so that you can easily continue afterwards. 

According to many studies, the brain can absorb information for a certain duration. After that, it becomes 'full' and the information needs to be processed.

Meditation benefits your body and mind - and you can utilize various methods. Meditation has been shown to have numerous advantages for health and well-being. There are various techniques available.


Some of the benefits of using meditation include reduced stress and anxiety, increased concentration and focus, improved sleep, enhanced self-awareness and mindfulness, and decreased risk of depression. Meditation can also help strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure.

Research also indicates that regular meditation can enhance brain function and reduce the risk of brain injuries.

Finding solution?

Meditation is helpful on many levels, from finding inner peace to even finding solutions to ongoing challenges. It is also beneficial in combination with hypnosis to embark on a joyful adventure journey to induce positive emotions and aid the body and mind in healing. At times, your busy mind might hinder meditation, and in those cases, personalized meditation training with hypnotic induction can be an alternative.

Upon request, I offer guided meditations. It's a way for many to discover inner calm, an inner space, and even find solutions or learn how to manage a challenge they're facing. There are various forms of meditation. The one I offer is simple yet empowering, enabling you to take advantage of the practice and then apply it on your own. In combination with Hypnotherapy, you can also help yourself evoke happier emotions.

Some use meditation for quick and effective recovery, giving the brain a moment to sort things out before it can take in new information. For others, it's a perfect way to calm the nervous system so that it can function optimally instead of succumbing to stress. For students, it's an excellent method to study more effectively or use deep breathing (read about the technique in my blog).

Through a quick relaxation session, you can access that moment and then continue studying. The pause is crucial (it's also fine to go out into nature without other distractions like music, mobile phones, or other devices), even if it doesn't provide the same rapid effect, it's very beneficial.

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