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Mental Training

Rehearsal, visualization and repetition in the mind, training in the subconscious and muscle memory, and installing a helpful trigger for concentration and joy have been shown to improve performance.

Mental training is almost a must in the sports world today if you aim to enhance your performance.

What is Mental Training?

Who uses it?

How can it help me?

Mental training is an approach where you are assisted in visualizing, practicing target images, behavior, and reactions, and in how your actions can be improved in the manner you desire with the tools I provide.

Through various relaxation techniques, I teach you to handle situations that currently do not yield the best results, for instance. New and better ways are practiced through different methods of managing thought patterns.

People who benefit mental training are many, including leaders, parents, and young people who need help in various situations that limit them, for example, in schoolwork, exams, public speaking, daring to do something, gaining better self-confidence. Often, a "trigger" is also used, created to help with that specific situation. It could be a body movement or a point on your body that you have received from me and then activate yourself.

In Sports, the areas I have worked with the most so far are golf, equestrian sports, and athletics.

If you observe high-performing individuals or athletes in different sports, they often have a special movement that puts them in the optimal emotional/muscular state. Look for it and see if you can spot it.

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