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Perhaps you've heard of mindfulness. It's a great way to enhance overall well-being and mood. It differs from meditation as you incorporate it into your daily life activities.


Perhaps you have heard of mindfulness. It's a great way to enhance overall well-being and mood. It differs from meditation as it is applied during your everyday activities. You might have come across mindfulness.

Today, it's quite popular and is also referred to as the 3rd wave of CBT as a method. It's known to increase general well-being and inner peace. It differs from meditation as it is intentionally used in your daily activities.

There are various variations of mindfulness, and I have chosen the one I find most rewarding.

By teaching your brain to relax and be in the present moment, truly being present, it has shown remarkable health benefits.


Benefits such as improved focus, better memory, inner strength, and for some, reduced anxiety and depression. One of the discoveries is the marvel of your unique body and the opportunities for teamwork that can be created. Your body is never your enemy, in fact, it carries your experiences and emotions as best it can. By becoming more observant and supportive, you can show and assist your body, and take more control.

Mindfulness requires frequent and consistent practice, becoming an automatic routine in your daily life, especially at the beginning (1-2 months with careful and active planning).

This is because your brain and body are accustomed to old patterns and stress, thinking and planning ahead, or being trapped in old troubles - hence forgetting the present moment. Which, in fact, is what you can utilize.

Many children today lack the ability to handle the present moment, and many positive results have been seen when children have learned mindfulness in schools. For example, experiments have taken place during detention, resulting in significant differences in behavior and emotions.

The goal of all forms of mindfulness is to achieve an alert focused relaxation by consciously paying attention to thoughts and feelings without judgment. It can help refocus on the present more calmly. It assists the brain in reducing stress and the body in returning to optimal function.

To embrace and enjoy the moment in everyday life, well, it is harder than you think.

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