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Hypnos från CE-Hypnosis

Its an inside job
- and it works!

Improve Your Life
Easily and Effectively

Do you want to make changes in your life, but face emotional barriers? Hypnotherapy can help you identify and overcome these obstacles in a natural, effective, and comfortable way.

Read more below and be amazed what an inside job actually can do!

Why not give it a try?
Hypnoterhapy via video call or in-person

What issues can hypnosis or mental training change?
I specialize mainly in these areas but can help with other issues at request

Women matters
PMS and flow

Baby blues

Postpartum depression
Low self-esteem
Morning sickness


Food allergy

Food sensitivity
Picky eaters

Food phobias


Pollen allergy

Fur allergy

Pet allergy





Mental training



Stage fright

Social anxiety





Phobias, OCD




Sandy Beach

If you have tried to change, and haven't managed by now, - it is a subconscious problem.

It's not your fault. 
That's really good news. Isn't it?  

This is where my expertise comes in - this is what I do!

Wow feeling

I had the amazing privilege of Camilla working with me this morning on Skype. I myself am a long term hypnotherapist certified for over 22 years with much experience. I can honestly say, nobody has ever been able to reach a level within me that Camilla did.


She helped me clear so much anger and upset deep within my soul and physical body and I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in years and years and years.


She has amazing insight, tremendous skill and sensitivity.

I was truly touched.

What a gem of a Lady.

Anyone to work with her should feel truly lucky and privileged,

as I do.

Thank you Camilla xo

Vanessa Lind



I came to Camilla asking for help to reduce stress at school,

and came out from the session as a new person!!


Not only have I been able to handle stress better, I am also less nervous when it comes to deliver, and be part of other social events – for instance. at the races on horse, call unknown people for the first time, and to enjoy sex life more.


I feel so much stronger inside, and above all, more secure within myself. 


Stress lies a lot in the past , we found my problem and made sure that it completely disappeared!


It does not matter if one believes in hypnotherapy or not, as it works anyway.


I can really recommend Camilla as she is really genuine to help all people to a happier life!

J. N

hjälp mot allergi med hypnos.jpeg

Hayfever, grass allergy & Pollen allergy

I have had big issues with grass allergy which has given me many sleepless nights, and I had really difficulties in breathing when it was warm outside and grass nearby. But now, after I have been to Camilla, it is just gone!
Incredible, I didn't know if I could believe it, but after seeing and feeling the results for myself I know it works and I can recommend anyone who is hesitant to go.

Thank you for everything :-) 

                        A. S
Cat and dog allergy

I am a hypnotist in Kansas City, USA. I met Camilla on a forum. She said she handled and changed allergies from her clients. We agreed to meet through Skype and work on my allergy to pets. For as long as I can remember, I have had an allergy to animals, but I love animals and wouldn’t let that keep me from petting them and loving them. I have a cat and pet it every day. When I pet my cat or a friend’s dog, my eyes itch and water. I rub them and they become swollen and itch more. Then I start sneezing. The only way I could stop the itching was to thoroughly wash my face and hands. It is hard to do this when you are at someone else’s house, especially if you have make-up on.

I can honestly say that after only one session with Camilla, I no longer have any allergy to my cat or my son’s dog or my friend’s dog. I am completely over the allergy. I pet an animal now, and I can touch my eyes, even rub them and nothing bad happens!!!
Camilla is wonderful. Don’t let the big things in life, or the little things that just niggle at you bother you anymore.
See Camilla. Let her help you 

                                           Carol H

How does hypnosis, hypnotherapy and these things work?
How can I benefit from CE-hypnosis methods?

Mental training


Mental training uses vizualisations and mental rehearsing combined with  

showing options to work more efficiently.


It is especially popular with sports, combining with
muscle memory work.


Enhance sport performance

Effective controlled "CBT" 

Teamwork with body and mind

Hypnosis & hypnotherapy


A combination of methods depending on issue and preference in wonderfully relaxed state.   

This is a form of therapy used to reprogram the subconscious mind/your "pattern maker". When in hypnosis you put your mind and body into a heightened state of learning, making you more susceptible to suggestions for self-improvement or behavior modification as per request.


This is by far the most popular as it is very effective and in a comfortable setting. 

We work with the subconscious directly, your programming, which makes the changes occur faster and smoother with high success rate. More complicated issues are handled easier. 


Suggestion therapy


In relaxed state listening to suggestions according to clients preferences.
It is slower change work and needs lots of repeating

Homework is needed.

For some this is enough for change work to occur. 
Nice to listen to in bed.

Blocks (resistance to change for the better) can be found and then handled though hypnotherapy.




Train your brain to be here and now, enjoying the moment.
Be more attentive of your emotions and reactions.
Get more grounded and calm your mind.

Less stress
More focus

Train your thought pattern
Be more grounded

Enjoy moments fully




Using suggestive calm images or emotions to give your brain a deserving rest from stress and every day challenges.

Less stress
More focus

 Be more grounded

Enjoy moments

Find inner peace

Get more energy


IBS & stomach pain

After almost 3 years of examinations with all that comes along with it, without finding cause and no results to my daughters stomach pain we received eminent help from Camilla and right now our daughter is doing so much better and also has better self-confidence and self-esteem etc. Thanks! :=)​

                        Thomas P

Joint Pain and Tinnitus

I had a few sessions with you 3-4 months ago due to joint pain and tinnitus. I can actual say that I am almost free of the symptoms. It didn’t change so much in the beginning but after a month I started to notice the difference.
It is så wonderful and I am grateful
Perhaps it can be of guidance to others, that some things take time to adjust.


Stomach ache / IBS


It was in the beginning of the day. In fact, as I know now, it was the beginning of a new part in my life, really.


I have been to three doctors, who – fortunately – did not find anything wrong with me. When I have been to my masseur (who studied traditional chinese medicine), he told me it was an imbalance between liver and kidneys, which caused my bowel to cramp.

Immediately after my session with Camilla, I felt relieved and experienced lots of little changes and adjustments taking place in my body and my mind. I have rarely experienced such intimacy before, let alone Skype.

Camilla was so there, in the moment with me.


    Two days later, I am laying on the couch, where I just enjoyed a delicious pizza, which I would NOT have done before our session, due to my stomach pain.


    Now, I will happily continue my healthy lifestyle, knowing that I CAN take a sidestep, when I choose to.


I feel free, light and happy. Thank you.


Feel good with hypnoterhapy.jpg

Make your life count!

Change what is bothering you or holding you back.

Don´t lose time.  Make it better!

Allergy to cats 

I have been allergic to cats for 6,5 years.

My eyes would swell and my nose was running. Breathing became harder. I did not know what it was.

I got this reaction two more times, before I understood it was because of cats. But it got worse. Just being in a room, where cats have been or having someone in my room who has been with cats would make it very hard to breathe. I tried autohaemotherapy with no measurable success.

After my session with Camilla, I felt thrilled, in a great way. I mean, I wasn't anxious about what would happen, but very curious. So I went to my best friends place, who has 2 cats. that I, never could visit all these years because of the cats – believe me, it is terrible!!!

I went to see him and his 2 cats and it was – so different. It felt like they had this new kind feeling towards me, and I felt confident and safe. So I sat down, playing with one of the cats, letting it walk around my back.

The most incredible feeling was, When it came up in my lap and I could put my face in the cat's fur!


Unbelievable. Epic. Unforgettable !!!!

I mean, seriously? This is basically a miracle in my life. No bright lights and glorious “Aahhhh” sounds involved, just my endless gratitude for Camilla..

F.C  Germany


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