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Feeling unloved or betrayed? Infidelity issues?
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Hayfever Grass allergy Pollen allergy

I have had big issues with grass allergy which has given me many sleepless nights, and I had really difficulties in breathing when it was warm outside and grass nearby. But now, after I have been to Camilla, it is just gone!
Incredible, I didn't know if I could believe it, but after seeing and feeling the results for myself I know it works and I can recommend anyone who is hesitant to go.

Thank you for everything :-) 

                                        A. S
Joint Pain and Tinnitus

I had a few sessions with you 3-4 months ago due to joint pain and tinnitus. I can actual say that I am almost free of the symptoms. It didn’t change so much in the beginning but after a month I started to notice the difference.
It is så wonderful and I am grateful
Perhaps it can be of guidance to others, that some things take time to adjust.


IBS & stomach pain

After almost 3 years of examinations with all that comes along with it, without finding cause and no results to my daughters stomach pain we received eminent help from Camilla and right now our daughter is doing so much better and also has better self-confidence and self-esteem etc. Thanks! :=)​

                        Thomas P

Cat and dog allergy

I am a hypnotist in Kansas City, USA. I met Camilla on a forum. She said she handled and changed allergies from her clients. We agreed to meet through Skype and work on my allergy to pets. For as long as I can remember, I have had an allergy to animals, but I love animals and wouldn’t let that keep me from petting them and loving them. I have a cat and pet it every day. When I pet my cat or a friend’s dog, my eyes itch and water. I rub them and they become swollen and itch more. Then I start sneezing. The only way I could stop the itching was to thoroughly wash my face and hands. It is hard to do this when you are at someone else’s house, especially if you have make-up on.

I can honestly say that after only one session with Camilla, I no longer have any allergy to my cat or my son’s dog or my friend’s dog. I am completely over the allergy. I pet an animal now, and I can touch my eyes, even rub them and nothing bad happens!!!
Camilla is wonderful. Don’t let the big things in life, or the little things that just niggle at you bother you anymore.
See Camilla. Let her help you 

                    Carol Henderson

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