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Redo att äntligen ta hand om dig själv? 

Första steget att må bättre
Svensk Hypnoterapi och CE-terapi metoden. Läs om 

Change what limits you - and allow yourself to feel better.
Ändra vad som begränsar dig - tillåt dig själv at må bättre-

Läs vilka olika terapimetoder som ingår.
Läs och upptäck klienters berättelser för att se hur otrolig denna metod faktiskt är.

The tips to effectively feel better

Hypnotherapy has been gaining an increasing attention and popularity as a method to tackle a variety of challenges, such as quitting smoking, changing certain emotions and behaviors, or coping with phobias and stress. In this article you'll receive tips on what to look out for when choosing someone to help you.


What's the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist?


A hypnotist typically uses hypnosis in entertainment or the performing arts to create a show where individuals perform various actions under the influence of hypnosis. The hypnotist guides people into a hypnotic state, but the primary goal is not therapeutic but rather to entertain an audience. For example, a stage hypnotist might have volunteers forget their own names or believe they are somewhere else.

On the other hand, a hypnotherapist is a trained and certified therapist who uses hypnosis as one of the tools in the therapeutic process to help individuals deal with and overcome psychological, emotional, or physical issues. Hypnotherapy can be used, for instance, to reduce anxiety, treat phobias, aid in weight loss, quit smoking, improve self-esteem, or manage pain. A trained hypnotherapist works within a professional and ethical framework to ensure the client's well-being is the focus.

What should you consider? Read the tips below.

Choosing a hypnotherapist might seem daunting, so here are tips to help you find a hypnotherapist who provides support and effective, personalized help for your specific needs.


Tips for Choosing a Hypnotherapist


  1. Education and Certification: Your hypnotherapist should be trained and certified by a recognized organization. This ensures they adhere to professional guidelines and possess the necessary skills. More in-depth training on the private Swedish market includes SAHH, SSEAH, NGH, ISAH. For international training, there are highly serious professional organizations that certify hypnotherapists (NGH). It is usually advantageous for the
    hypnotherapist to have completed more than one training, even if it has been extensive.


  2. Experience: Experience is another important factor. A therapist who has worked with many clients and has several years of experience is often more skilled at handling a range of problems and situations. You can usually find reviews or testimonials that provide various examples (see point 5). A serious hypnotherapist will refer you to other professionals if it is beyond their expertise and to healthcare services if necessary.

  3. Specializations: Hypnotherapists may have specializations in different areas, such as stress management, pain, grief, fears and phobias, pollen, allergies, or lifestyle changes. What are you seeking help for? Identify your specific needs and choose a therapist with experience and knowledge in that area.

  4. Personal Compatibility: A good relationship based on trust, mutual respect, and understanding is crucial for successful therapy. Therapy requires a certain degree of vulnerability and trust, so you should feel that you can open up and be honest with your therapist, as this is when more effective and valuable work can be done for you. It's often good to email your question and see if the therapist is able to address your issue.

  5. References and Reviews: Checking references and reading reviews from previous clients can provide valuable insight into the therapist's working style. Many therapists share some of these on their websites or can provide them upon request. Again, you can also ask the therapist if they have training and experience with what you're seeking help for and whether they believe they can help you. (Due to confidentiality reasons related to sectors like authorities, police, military, etc., or because of the very sensitive nature, many results and reviews may not be displayed).

  6. Ethics and Confidentiality: A professional hypnotherapist follows strict ethical guidelines according to Swedish law, which also includes confidentiality. It's good if your therapist has undergone training in this area. You can easily see this from the certifications or by asking the hypnotherapist. (CE-Hypnosis has relevant training concerning ethical laws and regulations.)

  7. Availability and Location: Consider practical factors such as the therapist's availability and location. For example, does the hypnotherapist offer video calls? It is good to choose a hypnotherapist who, once you start your therapy, offers continuous sessions that are tailored to your personal schedule.

  8. Cost and Funding: A private hypnotherapist with good training usually charges between 900 SEK - 1700 SEK per hour, similar to a private psychologist. Hypnotherapy is not included in healthcare and thus is not covered by the high-cost protection scheme. Some may have their practice in facilities, while others choose a dedicated space in their home, thus possibly lowering the hourly rate, which of course benefits the client. Hypnosis can, in many cases, be covered by the wellness allowance from your employer.

Hypnotherapy is a temporary intervention that effectively improves your health
and well-being.


As you can see from the tips above, choosing a hypnotherapist is a personal decision depending on several factors. Remember, a hypnotherapist may also choose not to take on a potential client if they lack knowledge in the area, if the chemistry isn't right, or if the hypnotherapist has chosen not to work within that area.


Is there an advantage to choosing a female hypnotherapist?

Choosing a female hypnotherapist can offer significant advantages for some individuals. Female therapists are often more empathetic and nurturing, contributing to a deeper sense of safety and relaxation during sessions. This is particularly relevant in the processing and approach to subjects that require great sensitivity, such as trauma or very personal experiences and issues. In certain traumas, it may be directly inappropriate with a male hypnotist or hypnotherapist (e.g., in cases of rape, physical and psychological abuse, etc.).


CE-Hypnosis: A great alternative


CE-Hypnosis has established itself as a safe and sound alternative within Therapy in Sweden. With over +17 years of experience along with solid education and certification, a variety of specializations are offered, enabling tailor-made plans for each client. Great importance is also placed on creating a relaxed and welcoming environment, which is crucial for effective therapy sessions. The therapy is conducted gently, gradually in step with the client and according to each client's wishes.


CE-Hypnosis offers a range of services within therapy, the CE-therapy method, hypnotherapy, mental training, and wellness, and is known for its work with a variety of problems and challenges people face. The focus is on helping individuals overcome emotional barriers naturally and effectively, which can include everything from performance anxiety and social phobia to more specific areas like grass and pollen allergy therapies. With a long background in athletics and health, there's additional concrete knowledge.


Some of the main areas CE-Hypnosis specializes in include::


  1. Emotional Work and Self-Confidence: Clients are helped with low self-esteem and various types of fears, such as fear of flying, fear of animals and dentist phobia etc.

  2. Stress and Anxiety Management: CE-Hypnosis offers help for managing stress, anxiety, and feelings such as PTSD and grief processing (TTT and Grief Therapy).

  3. Allergies and Physical Conditions: An interesting and valuable area is help with various allergies, such as grass and pollen allergies, asthma, and issues like IBS and unexplained pain.

  4. Mental Training: This includes visualization exercises and working with muscle memory, particularly useful for athletic performances, suggestion work, and partly CBT in a comfortable relaxing environment.

  5. Mindfulness and Meditation: These techniques are used to promote a more present and relaxed state, beneficial for managing stress and increasing focus.

  6. Various Therapy Methods: By using various therapy methods that benefit the client, a quicker and smoother change is offered, especially effective and valuable for more complicated problems.


Clients also receive help and tools to combine with their daily routines that can improve well-being by, among other things, reducing anxiety, increasing self-esteem, and improving sleep quality, as well as exercises that can enhance the physical body, such as light exercises both mentally and physically.

CE-Hypnosis offers therapy services both via video calls and in-person meetings, and in English and Swedish, providing flexibility for clients.


With a wide range of specializations and a focus on the client's individual wishes, CE-Hypnosis is a versatile and high-quality option for those seeking therapy in Sweden and internationally in English.

For more detailed information about services and approaches, how it feels, what to consider, common questions, tips, and exercises (search for tips on the blog), visit the CE-Hypnosis website.

besök CE-Hypnosis hemsida.

Äntligen fri från trauma och istället nya hälsosamma förändringar

Jag träffade Camilla genom hennes syster. Det var en oväntad upplevelse och en fantastisk välsignelse som kom in i mitt liv!

Jag hade känt mig fast och kämpade med många situationer och kroppsliga problem i mitt liv, och genom hypnoterapi kunde vi göra upp med en person i mitt liv som hade haft en starkt negativ påverkan i mitt liv. Vi kunde klippa mina "emotionella band" och lyfta fram andra frågor och orsaker samt kroppsliga/hälsomässiga situationer för att även där skapa en positiv förändring.

Sedan dessa förändringar har jag känt mig så mycket lättare och befriad i hela mitt jag!

Jag känner mig som en underbart annorlunda person och min kropp fungerar mycket bättre.


Jag rekommenderar starkt Camillas tjänster för att
hjälpa dig genom utmanande situationer som du inte har kunnat övervinna eller hitta lösningar på.

Med mycket kärlek, Des

Minimerad PMS och mer!

Jag kan knappt fatta det - men vilken skillnad!

Jag har länge kämpat med den värsta sortens PMS, ångest och humörsvängningar, gräslig smärta, och så kraftiga blödningar att jag ibland inte ens kunde ta mig till jobbet. Jag fasade inför varje månadsbesvär, och egentligen inte bara jag, utan även min pojkvän.

Efter bara två sessioner har jag upplevt en enorm förändring. Smärtan har avtagit till en hanterbar obehagskänsla, och den kraftiga blödningen har minskat avsevärt. Men det är mer än bara så, min överväldigande ångest, irritation och mina humörsvängningar har förändrats, och jag kan använda energin till något jag gillar. Camilla bad mig välja ett sätt att bli av med min stress och spänningar, och jag valde cykling, det har alltid varit något jag älskar att göra. Och nu, tack vare denna enkla men stora förändring, kan jag ha en livskvalitet jag aldrig trott var möjlig. Det är verkligen en positiv förändring för livet.


Det var värt allt att få den här förändringen och har varit det bästa beslutet jag någonsin tagit. Jag rekommenderar verkligen Camilla. 
Hennes metod är annorlunda och verkligen värd att prova, för det kan bara kan bli bättre. ​

Woman After Workout

Pollenallergin försvann

Efter många år med åtekommande pollenallergibesvär bestämde jag mig för att testa hypnosterapi.


Mina besvär satt främst i ögonen och under flera månader varje vår vaknade jag med svullna, kliande och rinnande ögon.


Efter att jag besökt den fantastiska Camilla är nu mina pollenbesvär ett minne blott. Det har nu gått två säsonger sedan jag fick hjälp med besvären och inte en enda gång har jag haft bekymmer med mina ögon.


Jag rekommenderar Camilla till alla jag känner som behöver hjälp med att bli kvitt sin allergi.


Tack Camilla för att du hjälpte mig!


Pollen och gräsallergin borta

Jag har haft stora problem med gräs allergin som gjort många nätter sömnlösa. Även haft svårt med att andas när det har varit varmt och funnits gräs omkring mig. 

Men nu efter att ha gått till Camilla så är det som bortblåst.

Helt otroligt, visste inte om jag skulle tro på det, men efter att ha känt resultaten själv så vet jag att det fungerar och kan rekommendera er som är tveksamma att gå. 


TACK för allt :-) 

Amanda S

Smiling Coworker


Empowering clients to achieve their fullest potential by transforming detrimental habits and patterns. Providing supportive tools and therapeutic guidance, we aim to unlock their optimal selves. Our mission is to enhance self-esteem and eliminate barriers that hinder daily life, all within a compassionate and effective framework.

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