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When you truly want a change - there are ways

Dive into a journey of self-improvement, tackling challenges like stress, allergies, and personal growth. Learn about unique, holistic approach to wellness and explore real-life success stories.

Find short-cuts to well-being

There is a website called, which provides various services related to hypnotherapy and mental training. The site is operated by Camilla, a certified hypnotherapist and mind-trainer based in southern Sweden. She offers services in hypnosis, hypnotherapy, regression work, grief counseling, inner child work, and more, incorporating techniques such as the Swan model, Gestalt Therapy, CE-Therapy method and the Simpson Protocol among others. Her approach is holistic, targeting the body, mind, and soul with the aim of achieving balance and promoting self-healing - finding the best version of yourself.


Camilla specializes in helping clients with a wide range of issues including allergies, social anxiety, stress, PMS, phobias, sugar addiction, and eczema, among others. Her methods are described as powerful and effective for many issues, serving as a complement to traditional healthcare services. She works with clients both in Sweden and internationally and continues to educate herself in the field to enhance her methods.


In the website you can find the benefits of hypnotherapy, showing that it is a versatile tool for managing stress, enhancing sports performance, addressing behavioral issues, and fostering ways to change what is bothering you and find your strengths and use them. 

Hypnotherapy is praised for its effectiveness in reaching the subconscious mind, facilitating faster and smoother changes compared to traditional therapies.

The testimonials section on the website provides insights from clients who have experienced significant improvements in their lives after sessions with Camilla. These testimonials cover a variety of concerns including allergies, fears, joint pain, and emotional challenges, highlighting the transformative impact of her hypnotherapy sessions.


If you're interested in learning more or scheduling a session, the website offers detailed information on the services provided, Camilla's background and education, as well as a blog that explores various aspects of hypnotherapy and mental wellness​​​​​​​​​​.

A blog to help you 

The blog at CE-Hypnosis covers various topics related to the positive effects and results of using Camilla's hypnotherapy and CE-method. The content addresses issues such as managing stress, overcoming allergies, dealing with grief, and improving overall well-being through different techniques, including deep breathing and relaxation strategies. Specific articles also delve into the distinctions between conditions like pollen allergies and colds, and provide guidance on handling life challenges more effectively. 

For a detailed exploration and to understand the full range of topics covered, you can visit the blog directly here: CE-Hypnosis Blog.

Free tips

Help yourself - tips 

The CE-Hypnosis blog also emphasizes the importance of self-care and offers tips such as utilizing deep breathing and relaxation techniques to enhance well-being. It provides guidance on managing stress, improving sleep, and handling various personal challenges effectively through hypnotherapy and the CE-method. 

For more detailed insights and practical advice, visit the blog directly: CE-Hypnosis Blog Tips.


When you are ready - change for the better

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Discover the transformative power of hypnotherapy with CE-Hypnosis by Camilla in Sweden. 

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