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Grief - there is help to heal you within

It can take some time to go through grief and sadness.

Everyone go through grief and sadness and loss somehow in life. We handle these emotions differently depending on culture, belief and circumstances.

But there is real help to heal your inner wounds and grief.

We work to help ease the pain into softer memories that are more manageable and provide the opportunity to live a little easier.

Grief comes in various forms and expressions

Some people distract themselves with other things, such as working more and harder, while slightly missing out on life itself, all to numb and keep away the feelings.

Others may express themselves through aggression, anxiety, guilt if they feel better or even if they laugh, loneliness, isolation, weight gain, weight loss, stress, and sleep problems.

Over time, this causes significant wear and tear on the body and leads to various negative side effects. At that time in life, we usually don´t care. It is too much. But there is a way to ease your pain.

What we often forget and have a hard time to consider is that when we are in mourning, the environment around us also gets affected and suffers quietly. If a family member has passed away, the adult might find it difficult to take care of the children and their grief.

By processing the grief with me, you can mourn in a softer way while also being able to cope with daily life more easily.

Give yourself the chance to cross the threshold into inner peace. Not only for you, but for your near and dear. Ease your pain.

It is usually enough with only one session.

You will be taken care of, and you will be safe here.

Please consider aiding yourself and feel free to book a session.

Grief - there is help available that works
Grief, sadness and trauma - there is help available that works


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