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Get to know your wonderful subconscious mind - key to success

Welcome to a world where change is possible

Have you ever felt that old habits, negative triggers, moods, or emotions are holding you back? Deep within our minds, in what we call the subconscious, live our most deeply rooted habits, emotions, and behaviors.

Get to Know Your Subconscious - The Shortcut to Positive Change
The Key to possibilities - The Shortcut
Here, in the subconscious, lies the amazing key to positive change

Beneath our conscious thoughts and daily concerns, lies a powerful and remarkable mind: the subconscious mind.

This is where our most deeply rooted habits, beliefs, and memories reside – hidden from our conscious awareness yet always present and influential in our lives.

It governs 95% of your automatic reactions and actions, your emotions, and conclusions.

Your internal database

The subconscious mind functions like an internal database, constantly operating, collecting, and storing information since childhood. It is shaped by our early experiences and interactions with the world around us. Just like a computer runs its operating system in the background, the subconscious runs our emotional responses, behaviors, and patterns.

The foundation of the subconscious mind is formed when we are children (0-7 years) before your critical factor comes into play. Children see the world in their own way and draw their own conclusions. These early experiences and thoughts then become part of the subconscious and can influence how we view the world as adults.

Sometimes, this might mean that we carry misconceptions or old beliefs that may no longer be true or serve us. For example, you might have been told or given the impression (through TV, adults, environment, school, bullies etc.) that you cannot do it, are not good enough, feel lonely, unattractive, etc. Which you carry still today.

Negative comments and beliefs can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It's like a loyal but also stubborn friend who wants to cling to the old and familiar.

But what if the familiar no longer serves you?

Isn't it time for a change?

Double trouble - The brain only looks for answers that fit preconceived notions

Meanwhile, our brain works tirelessly, not just to process the information we encounter daily but also to maintain a sense of coherence and stability. This is where we encounter the phenomenon of confirmation bias – the brain's tendency to search for, interpret, and remember information in a way that stubbornly confirms our preconceived notions.

This creates a kind of echo chamber where new ideas and perspectives, better well-being often struggle to break through. Even when we know better, change can be difficult using your conscious mind.

That´s why working with the subconscious mind is so effective.

Inner Conflicts

Our deeply ingrained, often unconscious beliefs can collide with new information or experiences, creating an internal turbulence that can be difficult to navigate alone. This becomes an inner conflict.

A reluctance in the subconscious to change, to adopt new perspectives, or other ways of handling situations (even when the old way no longer works) can create unnecessary inner conflicts that may lead to anxiety, phobias, stress, and worry, as well as frustration and depression, among other things.

Triggers - both good and bad, and really bad

To understand how this is possible, look at how triggers work. They act like shortcuts that instantly evoke a certain reaction or emotional state, often without us even being aware of it. These can be good, stemming from fun memories and experiences, but also bad. And then there are the really bad ones, traumas.

Through hypnotherapy, we can identify these automatic negative reactions and then work to replace them with more positive alternatives.

It is a journey through therapy to reprogram the deep, subconscious scripts that control our lives into what you yourself wish to feel or react.

There are methods and tools that can help

One of the most effective tools we can use to explore and reshape these subconscious patterns is hypnotherapy. Through hypnotherapy, we can reach the deeper layers of our mind in a safe and comfortably relaxed manner, where we can address and adjust negative triggers or limiting beliefs from childhood (e.g., you're not good enough, you'll always be (something negative)...) to something more constructive or positive.

It's like reprogramming a computer; hypnotherapy offers the chance to update our internal operating system with more positive, supportive possibilities and behavior patterns that serves you better.

Fresh start - Collaboration between the brain and the subconscious

At the same time, using hypnotherapy we are given the possibility to address the brain's confirmation bias to allow this change to take root. This means actively challenging our preconceived beliefs and being open to new perspectives and ideas. Hypnotherapy can facilitate this process by opening our minds to new possibilities and helping us see beyond the limitations that we might not have even been aware of.

You can take the first step if you want a change.

Learning new things – challenging our minds to expand and embrace new information – is crucial in this amazing process. By continuously questioning and revising our beliefs and attitudes, we can avoid stagnation and promote personal growth and development.

Ultimately, the collaboration between the brain and the subconscious, with the aid of hypnotherapy, is about creating a more harmonious and integrated cooperation. Enhanced teamwork.

It's an amazing journey towards becoming the "better" version of ourselves, free from the unconstructive or limiting patterns and beliefs that have kept us in old negative triggers and reactions.

The results can even positively affect your physical body. (see examples from eg. stress effects)

Receiving hypnotherapy is like going on a treasure hunt inside yourself. You can find and change the hidden parts that need help to change. And the best part? You can start to feel freer and happier.

Hypnotherapy could be the key you've been looking for, the one that unlocks the door to new opportunities. Adding the CE-method is the cherry on top!

Why not take the step today and experience for yourself the powerful change that exists?

Read more on the website and see what clients have to say through client testimonials.

 Get to know your subconscious mind
Reduce negative triggers and feel better



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