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Hypnosis - How does it feel? How does it work?

Some persons can feel a tad nervous before they have their first meeting and session - even though they do not need to. That´s why I want to describe the usual procedure when someone visits me at

First of all - what does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis usually feel like when you're daydreaming, or just before you fall asleep, or simply wonderfully relaxed and focused. It occurs multiple times daily without you even noticing.

In other words, it's very pleasant.

When you're in a relaxed state, hypnosis, you're not asleep. Instead, you're comfortably relaxed and at the same time, very alert to what's happening around you. This is because you're tapping into your subconscious mind, which is more powerful. Swapping your conscious mind to your subconscious mind.

An example is when you're watching TV and you start to doze off a bit. You hear everything around you, maybe wishing people nearby would speak a bit softer, perhaps wanting a blanket... the ultimate relaxation, right before falling asleep. That's how simple it is, and that's how wonderful it feels.

What happens during our first meeting?

  1. We start by filling out a form where I jot down some background information and what changes you'd like to see. Preferably you have already prioritised what you would like to change.

  2. I briefly explain how hypnosis works, and perhaps you might want a demonstration.

  3. We do a few exercises to identify the words your senses prefer. There's no right or wrong, just what suits you the best.

  4. Now, it's time for some relaxation... I usually start by demonstrating deep breathing techniques (you can read about how to do this on my blog), then we begin focusing on what you wish to address.

  5. Once everything's done, some people feel energized, while others are cozily relaxed. We'll take a few minutes in case you have any questions, and I usually suggest you drink some water.

  6. Ideally, try not to overanalyze but let your subconscious continue working with the changes we've proposed.

Now you know what a typical hypnosis session feels like - so nothing to be nervous about, rather look forward to.

You can curiously look forward to a delightful relaxation.

Hypnos i Löddeköpinge
Hypnosis - what would you like to change to the better?

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