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Free from Trauma using hypnotherapy with Camilla at

Diving into the world of therapeutic options to recover from trauma, simply be free from trauma, there are several methods available. One of them is sessions with Camilla at ce-hypnosis. In her specialized approach using several methods, amongst others hypnotherapy, trauma release sessions offer a beacon of hope for those struggling with trauma. As more individuals seek out innovative methods to overcome past traumas, the efficiency of hypnotherapy, especially under the guidance of professionals like Camilla, is gaining momentum. With a blend of science-backed techniques and individual set plans in care, being free from trauma, actually trauma release is not just about methods; it's about personal beneficial transformation. Freedom!

In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of trauma, the transformative power of hypnotherapy, and how Camilla's unique approach is giving her clients the benefits overcoming traumas, simply releasing them so that they can be free from past traumas.

Camilla is not your everyday hypnotherapist. She brings with her years of experience, dedication, and a unique approach to managing and releasing trauma.

Benefits of this method for Trauma release

Imagine that you under a shorter period of time, (compared to how long you have had your trauma) can change within to feel better and release past traumas. With my own specialised method at ce-hypnosis, in combination with other tools my clients are given, can help release trauma and instead give you as a client, focus on a new future feeling calmer within.

The science behind hypnotherapy

In simplified terms, hypnotherapy taps into your subconscious, guiding it to reshape negative patterns. Camilla also uses other methods such as changing old patterns with new positive thoughts and ideas using suggestions and mental rehearsing.

Hypnotherapy sessions: What to expect

The initial consultation

It starts with a conversation. Share your story, understand the process, and set clear expectations. It's not magic, gone in an instant, but removing and changing layer by layer of trauma until your best version of yourself is free. Think of it like a deep meditation session. Camilla's soothing voice will lead you into a trance-like state, addressing and managing the root causes of trauma.

Subsequent sessions

You'll dive deeper with each session, gradually freeing yourself from the chains of trauma.

Possible Concerns and Their Resolutions

Let's address the elephant in the room.

Debunking myths about hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is NOT about controlling your mind. It's about empowerment.

Ensuring the safety of the patient

Your safety and comfort are Camilla's top priorities. She's trained to navigate through sessions with utmost care.


Trauma need not be a life sentence. With professionals like Camilla and the powerful tools and methods she uses, freedom is not just a dream but a tangible reality.



  1. Is hypnotherapy safe? Absolutely! Under the guidance of trained professionals like Camilla, it's a safe and effective therapy.

  2. How many sessions will I need? Everyone's journey is unique. Some may need a few sessions, while others might require more.

  3. Will I remember what happens during the session? Most likely, yes. It's similar to recalling a dream.

  4. Can everyone be hypnotized? While most can, it does require willingness and trust.

  5. Are the effects of hypnotherapy long-lasting? Yes, especially when combined with other therapeutic techniques and regular follow-ups.


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