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Hypnosis for loss in Lund, Sweden,
remotely or in office

Heal your grief within. It is possible to change and makes a world of difference for your surrounding. Loss or grief comes in many shape and forms, loneliness, divorce, loosing a loved one, tragedies, work issues, loosing opportunities, break-ups etc. 

When grief is constantly in your life, there are ways to heal within. In a soft and respectful way, you can reach ways to start living again. Grief comes in many forms, ranges wildly from beloved pets to divorce or loose a loved one. 


Break-ups, family, friends or spouse

Break-ups and can cause a shock and a hidden grief process. This shock and its stages can take a long time which means you are unavailable within for some time. Depending on how long YOU choose, we can actually change and speed up the process from years to weeks. It will be easier on your mind, stress level and your wonderful body that has to carry all this. 


Broken heart

There is indeed something called broken heart and it affects your body heavily. More than you realise. Using my methods, you can go forward and lessen the burden on yourself. Please allow yourself to feel better and book a session. The strain on your heart should be changed so that your body and emotions (which are tied together) can finally heal within.

Loosing your loved one - Your loved one would not want you to suffer

So please give yourself a chance to feel a bit better. If it was the opposite way around, would you want your loved one to suffer and not live life properly? 
Let yourself heal, and make soft loving memories and honor your life.

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