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Change what limits you - and allow yourself to feel better.

Read about some of the methods used below.

Enjoy client testimonials and see how amazing this method truly is. 

A therapy method that is quite amazing helping your inner potential forward

What if you could change to the better?

Getting rid of what emotions trigger you

CE-Hypnosis, led by Camilla, offers a unique and effective approach to improving life and health. Using a blend of techniques such as hypnotherapy, mental training, and mindfulness, Camilla empowers individuals to tackle challenges such as stress, phobias, and allergies. The practice is dedicated to providing personalized care that addresses both mental and physical well-being, ensuring clients achieve their health and lifestyle goals. For more detailed information, you can visit the official website at CE-Hypnosis.

Effective Therapy Work 


Camilla's approach at CE-Hypnosis combines various therapeutic methods to address mental and physical well-being. Her techniques include CE-method, hypnotherapy, mental training, suggestion therapy, mindfulness, and meditation. These methods are designed to help individuals reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall performance, whether in everyday life or in specific areas such as sports. Each technique is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of the individual, ensuring a personalized and effective treatment.

10-15 years of therapy done in 20 sessions using the CE-method testify her clients.

Client Testimonials shows the effect


CE-Hypnosis has received numerous positive testimonials from clients who have seen significant improvements in their conditions. Clients have praised Camilla for her supportive and effective approach, highlighting successful treatments for various issues such as allergies, stress, and phobias. These testimonials underscore the positive impact of Camilla's methods on their quality of life and well-being. You can read more about these success stories and experiences by visiting the CE-Hypnosis testimonials page.

What issues is commonly handled with the CE-method?


CE-Hypnosis has effectively helped individuals overcome or manage a variety of issues including stress, IBS, unhealthy relationships, grief, social anxiety, phobias, exhaustion, depression, and different allergies such as food allergies, pollen allergy, fur allergy, pet allergy etc.  The list is long on how one can change using her special therapy method. Read more in the blog and under services.

Jealousy and couldn't let get over my ex 

I was almost obsessed with my ex and had difficulty letting go of thoughts about what she was doing, who she was meeting, and everything else related to her. It was both embarrassing and extremely distressing, and it wasn't really me to feel this way. It negatively affected my well-being. I was recommended to see Camilla and get help because I couldn't handle it on my own.

Today, I feel free and I'm enjoying MY life. It was just one longer session, but what an enormous difference it made. It's difficult to describe the relief I feel. Even seeing my ex on the street doesn't affect me like before. Amazing!


It has been a crucial positive change, no doubt. Now I'm open to meeting someone new. That was something I couldn't do before.

A game changer for sure. And I can now be open to new relationships. 

If you feel something is ruling your life in a negative way, and you cannot truly move on, even if it feels embarrasing - do something about it, and get help from Camilla. She rocks! 


P Svensson

Sugar cravings and Coca-Cola addiction

I received help from Camilla to reduce my addiction to Coca-Cola and cut down on sugar.

I drank at least 1 liter per day and have tried to quit several times.


After getting help from Camilla, I was able to gradually reduce my consumption, and now I have no Coca-Cola addiction left! I can even enjoy a glass of water.


Both my body and wallet are happy. Thank you, dear Camilla

Your grateful neighbour


Overcoming unnecessary fear, addressing issues, and finding purpose in life

Hypnosis was a new and different experience for me. Camilla guided me very comfortably and calmly, and it was wonderful that I could access different situations directly.

I received answers to things I had been wondering about for a while. It was such a relief and so liberating.

I also addressed several issues that I had been working on for a long time, and it felt completely natural to end up in the right place.

One of these things was my fear that I had felt towards certain people. It was so unnecessary and draining, and it's truly amazing not to carry that baggage anymore.

Overall, I gained a better understanding of my life - why it is the way it is and what I can actually do about it. Thank you so much.


Covid anxiety changed

I started experiencing heavy anxiety during the COVID-19 quarantine. It was a feeling that, the more I thought about it, the worse it got. I decided to try Hypnotherapy with Camilla.

After just one deep session, I barely noticed the anxiety. It took a day and then it was almost completely gone.


We had a follow-up session as recommended because in certain situations I could still feel a slight bit of anxiety, but not much. ​ And now I feel like a new person.

I truly mean it, it works. Thank you, Camilla!

Julia F.



It´s surely your time to feel better?

if you're seeking a path to wellness that feels personalized, supportive, and effective, consider CE-Hypnosis. Embrace the opportunity to transform your life with the guidance of Camilla's expertise. Start your journey towards healing and empowerment today – a brighter, healthier future awaits. Visit CE-Hypnosis to learn more and take your first step towards a better you.

Pollenallergy totally gone

After many years of recurring pollen allergy symptoms, I decided to try hypnotherapy.


My symptoms were mainly in my eyes, and for several months every spring, I woke up with swollen, itchy, and runny eyes.


After visiting the amazing Camilla, my pollen problems are now a thing of the past.

It has been two seasons since I received help with my symptoms, and not once have I had any trouble with my eyes.


I recommend Camilla to everyone I know who needs help getting rid of their allergy.


Thank you Camilla for helping me!


Hayfever, Grassallergy & Pollenallergy all gone

I have had big issues with grass allergy which has given me many sleepless nights, and I had really difficulties in breathing when it was warm outside and grass nearby.

But now, after I have been to Camilla, it is just gone!

Incredible, I didn't know if I could believe it, but after seeing and feeling the results for myself I know it works and I can recommend anyone who is hesitant to go.

Thank you for everything :-) 

Amanda S

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